Best Foods

Best Foods

Food is a favorite topic for many people, especially the land where I come from.  Most Singaporeans just love to eat and we simply enjoy our food.  Even while eating, we are often discussing about where to find the best foods or what to eat for the next meal.

Food, Glorious Food

You can probably guess that I’m also one of those who enjoys good food.  So it’s no surprise that I decided to include Food as one of the topics of discussion in this blog.  😀

I’m pretty adventurous with food and will eat almost everything and anything (that’s edible, of course).  I love to try new foods and savour different cuisines from all over the world.  I’m very fortunate that I was born in Singapore which being a multi-racial and cosmopolitan country, has a very diverse range of food variety to choose from. In my lifetime, I have also done a fair bit of travelling and had the privilege to sample many different types of food and exotic dishes and some of the best foods in the world.

Now that I am living in Australia, I get to eat Western food more often than in the past, but am still constantly on the lookout for the best Asian eateries here!  Smiley Face

What are the best foods?

Can the most expensive of all caviar be considered the best food in the world?  In the Guiness Book of World Records, the price tag of Almas produced from the eggs of Iranian Beluga fish is £20,000 per Kg.  That “black gold” actually costs more than gold!  Is that why the recommended way to eat it is to roll the eggs slowly around the mouth and pop them to release the flavour?  :p

Oh!  Have you ever noticed that your favorite best tasting yummylicious finger lickin’ irresistable foods are usually those which aren’t necessarily the best for the waistline or good for health?  Say Hello Better Life!

For me, the best foods are fresh and wholesome ones which not only taste good but are at the same time healthy to eat and of nutritional value.  And if I have to cook them at home myself, easy recipes would be best!

Eat To Live

Depending on individual taste preferences, age and health conditions, eating the right kinds of foods in the right proportions at the right time are all important and things which would be useful for us to be aware of.

We should enjoy food but also learn to eat right.  So perhaps we should be giving more thought as to whether we are eating right?  Are the foods we consume on a daily basis or those which we consider as the best foods really the best foods for our bodies?

Food for thought:

Should we eat to live or live to eat?  What are some of the best foods for you?

Please share your views with us by commenting below.

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