Weight Loss Program Australia

Weight Loss Program Australia

If you are local and have been searching for an effective weight loss program in Australia (Victoria), the Life! program is accessible to help you out.  Even better news… the Life! program is FREE, practical and proven to work!

What is Life! Program?

I would like to share with you about the flyer I received in my letter-box about Life!, a program funded by the Victorian government and managed by Diabetes Victoria.  This program aims to help people living in Victoria change their habits so as to live a healthier life, helping to prevent diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Why is lifestyle modification important?

Heart disease and stroke are currently the two biggest killers in Australia and over 70 new cases of diabetes are being diagnosed daily.  All three conditions can have serious complications that impact the quality of life.

The good news is that you can significantly lower your risk by making some healthy changes to your lifestyle such as being active, choosing healthier food options and being a healthy weight.

Why join the Life! Program?

Trying to change your lifestyle is not easy to do on your own.  By joining the Life! program, you will receive help in developing a tailored plan to achieve your goals and live a healthier life.

The Life! program is delivered as a group course or over the phone to support you in achieving and maintaining important lifestyle changes, which will help manage or prevent other problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Life! Group Course

  • Face to face group setting (a partner/friend may be able to attend for extra support).
  • The program commences with an individual Introductory Session, followed by four group sessions run fortnightly.
  • The fifth and final group session is four months later.
  • The course will be run by a certified health professional (facilitator)

Life! Telephone Health Coaching

  • One on one over the telephone at a time that works for you
  • The program commences with an individual Introductory Session, followed by five calls over five months.
  • The coaching will be conducted by a certified health professional.

What People say about the Life! Program

“It’s hard to do on your own, you need support around you.  That’s why the Life! program is good, because it’s a support network.  It’s good to do it in a group with other people.”  Gwen

“Everything’s improved.  I wake up brighter in the morning.  You know, bushy tailed.  Get out of bed and do the chores.”  Bob

“I didn’t realise there’d be such an increase in the feeling of wellbeing, and the ability to concentrate and do things.”  Tom

To find out more

Call 13 RISK (13 7475)

24 hours a day, seven days a week or visit www.lifeprogram.org.au

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